Core Values

Happier Talent Development conducts business with purpose-driven and relationship-focused values.  These values serve as our compass in all things that we do to run the business. 


Action Fueled by Purpose

Why we do what we do is where we begin. When we are clear on the why, then we can act to accomplish a successful and rewarding outcome.

Quality Connections

Spending time, asking the right questions and truly listening allows us to have a deeper understanding of what success means and looks like. We take time, remain curious and use our ears and eyes to connect.

Authentic Communication

Clear, honest, and direct communication is essential to building and maintaining our relationships.  We consistently communicate in this fashion.

Wise and Studious

From experience, we know, respect and apply best practices for the success of our clients.  We invest in the necessary tools and relationships keeping us in a constant state of learning and growth.


Life is fun and full of surprises, we don’t take our work or ourselves more seriously than we need to. We smile, we laugh and we have a good time making our efforts for clients fun and successful.

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