Action Without Vision = Chaos

💥 Goal Getter Monday 💥 Action without Vision = Chaos Posted by Heather Patterson on Monday, June 29, 2020

Progress > Perfection

💥Goal Getter Monday💥 Progress > Perfection Posted by Heather Patterson on Monday, June 22, 2020

How To Begin Self Care

IThere’s a lot of buzz right now about self-care and self-love.  While I support these messages, what I have found in chatting with some clients, friends and family members is…

When You’re Unhappy, Consider This

After some real talk with a friend, and having some bonus time in my schedule – I felt compelled to create this reminder. Life is full of hardships, that’s the…

What Does A Happiness Coach Do?

Happiness Coaching?  What’s that?  I”ve been hearing a lot of people introduce me as someone who “makes other people happy” and well, there’s some confusion there. Time for me to…