A Matter of Time

“Never get too high, never get too low.”That’s the advice I was given by a former leader back in the day.  I heard him. I knew what he meant. But the execution…well,…

Some Call It Luck

You’ve definitely heard it and it’s possible you’ve even thought it, for “them” or for yourself… success being a matter of luck. Here’s what I know, success is never a matter of luck. Rather, success is a matter of LAW.

Stuck? Or Holding On?

I get to talk with a lot of people about their dreams and goals and often I hear “I feel stuck”.  That leads to a deeper conversation where I begin to understand what’s really happening.

They are not stuck. They are holding on.

Being Uniquely You

Somewhere in the midst of the new year season, I imagine you heard the phrase “New Year, New You”.

I’ve got a real problem with that phrase.

Trending: The 10 Year Challenge

The #10yearchallenge is trending on Facebook. It’s a fun trend, yet I have my thoughts on how it could be more effective.