Mindset Over Skillset

Focused mind power is one of the strongest forces on earth. - Mark Victor Hansen

I’ve been having some of the most exciting and interesting conversations in recent days, many being a result of the Meant For More More Masterclass I hosted last month.  (Replay HERE on YouTube) A theme has popped up and I thought you would appreciate hearing more.

Knowing What To Do Is Not Enough
Read that again.  You know exactly what you need to do. You know you need to: hire that assistant, make the calls, say sorry, submit the proposals, go to the gym, ask for help…and the list goes on. You know. But, you don’t do it. You’re stuck and it’s spiraling into frustration, confusion and maybe something worse. Look, no judgement, it happens to the best of us. Including me.  

It’s Not You, It’s Your Thinking
Whenever I encounter this sort of thing, I get excited. You might be thinking, “what the $#@*!, Heather? Why would you get excited about someone being stuck? Hold on now…you know me better than that. I don’t get excited about anyone being stuck. I get excited because this issue is totally solvable. I get excited because I can help!  

The Knowing / Doing Gap
When a person knows what they need to do and is not doing it, I call that The Knowing / Doing Gap.  Everything we do or don’t do starts with our thinking.  How we think about ourselves, our work(place), our family, friends and colleagues, the way the world is and so on. Since we are human, we have the special power to choose our thoughts and therefore change our thinking.  The mind is so powerful, however oftentimes it fights for your limits and not your victory.  That’s why there is knowledge, yet no action. There is no need for more time, more learning or more blah blah blah… it’s time to change the thinking that is causing the delayed action.  

Closing The Knowing / Doing Gap
In order to close The Knowing / Doing Gap, we must create thoughts that support us in moving towards the action we want to take. We read, say and write them repeatedly – there is tremendous power in repetition – in order to literally reprogram our mind.   “I am” statements can be very useful. Such as: I am an influential leader and attract world class talent. Or, I am a phenomenal __________ and my clients enjoy hearing from me. Or, I am committed to my health and move my body every day. You get the idea. 

More Resources
While using “I Am” statements is very useful and helpful, it’s not the only ingredient necessary to change your thinking. There is a recipe for a healthy mindset.  I’ll continue to share these tools with you over time.  If you’re hungry for more now (pun intended), I’d love to have a one on one conversation with you.  Schedule your complimentary Introductory Call now by visiting my e-calendar, HERE.

Rooting for you,

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