Take Back Your Time

It is not enough to be busy…the question is, what are we busy about? 

– Henry David Thoreau 


Did you read that opening quote?  If not, take a moment.  And if so, read it again.  Take a moment to consider, what are you busy about these days?Maybe it’s your professional life, family, pursuit of a new project, investment or hobby.  Maybe it’s your health and fitness, serving your community or enjoying new experiences. And quite possibly, it’s something entirely different. 

As the quote says, the question is: what are we busy about?  How are you spending your days? Take an honest inventory.  Compare:  what do you want versus your current reality.  

Oftentimes, there is a gap. I experience this just like you do. For me right now, I would like to be traveling more; spending time connecting with my family and friends creating long-lasting memories. Simply put, that’s not happening and it’s what I desire. The gap is real. What is it for you?

Careful now, before you get down or even frustrated about coming eye to eye with this, I want you to know two things. First, the gap means absolutely nothing about you and what’s possible. Second,  you can close the gap. You really can. I know, you’ve been trying and maybe it doesn’t feel like there’s an answer. Let me assure you, there is always an answer, you just haven’t discovered it yet.

The truth is, how you are spending your time begins with your thinking, with the beliefs you have about yourself, other people and world around you. Like I said, it’s not you. It’s your thinking. Commonly we hold beliefs, that we didn’t even consciously create that don’t serve or support us in getting what we truly want. What’s great is we can change our beliefs and in turn, change our results.  

I can help. In just 10 days, on Tuesday, October 12th, my latest Masterclass begins. I will help you identify the specific of the beliefs that are robbing you of your time.  I will give you practical tools for changing those beliefs and you’ll begin to take back your time immediately. You’ll also receive a complimentary one on one session with me following the class. Click HERE to register for the event and you’ll be emailed the zoom link to attend. 

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