The Camera Of Your Mind

When you visualize, then you materialize. - Denis Waitley

Last week, I wrote to you about visualization and it being “the most powerful part of you”.  I’m back, for a bit of a follow up.   Much of the credit for today’s message goes to the amazing people who attended the You Were Born Rich Study Club last week (you know who you are!), as this came directly from our conversation.    

In the book, Bob Proctor uses an analogy that likens the mind and the material world (our results) to a polaroid camera and a photograph.  He says: 

     “…for once you have snapped a picture, the course for that photograph has been incontrovertibly set. There is a short gestation period which must lapse, but then the photograph must begin to appear; and it will do so, exactly as it had originally been shot.”

He then suggests that the shutter of the camera can be compared to the conscious mind, the logical/thinking part of our mind. It is responsible for “snapping the picture” and that the internal parts of the camera are compared to the subconscious mind, having to “do the work” to develop the image.  The photograph that is developed can be compared to the results in our life: the money we make, our health, our relationships and other belongings and/or experiences. 

The analogy is so simple. Take the same shot, get the same picture. Think the same thoughts, get the same results. 

Years ago, I spent many years tagging along with an incredible landscape photographer and have done some dabbling myself…and it’s fair to say I know a thing or two about cameras and how they operate. That knowledge instantly went to work with this analogy. Here are my additional thoughts for you to consider:

Hold The Image Still and Clear In Your Mind 
If you have you ever taken a photo of a moving person or object, then you know that the picture that is developed is often blurry.  The same is true when we do not have a still and clear image in our mind of what we want.  A moving target in our mind equates to fuzzy results in reality.

Let the Light In, Stay Focused and Have Support
A sky full of twinkling stars totally captures my attention (pun intended) and what I’ve learned about shooting at night is that: you have to keep the shutter open a loooooong time, perifial light can destroy a shot and a grounded, sturdy tripod is a critical tool to getting a stunning photo.

The application to the camera analogy here is HUGE. Here goes:

When times are dark and as though your goals are extra far away, remember the analogy. Keep your shutter open, so the light of your goal can reach your subconscious mind. Meaning, spend extra time focusing on your goal and connect with it.  Be extra protective about what gets in your mind, no outside negative distractions whatsoever. And finally, employ the help of a professional who can offer grounded stability in making sure you will get the results you truly desire.

My hope is this explanation furthered your understanding of how the mind works and gave you even more direction on what you can do with it to positively impact your life.   Thank you for reading this far and allowing me the opportunity to share my aha with you.

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