Happier at Work Has A New Home

Friends of Happier at Work, I’ve got some news for you –  I moved!  You might of already noticed, given the difference background and sound quality (no more birds chirping in the background).  Yes, that’s right – I moved from my amazing life in paradise (Hawaii) to my hometown-ish of Maryland.  

To put it simply, it was time. I had been living very far from my family for nearly 20 years.  With kids and elders getting older, I wanted to be closeby to create and capture special memories.

I share this with you because first, I really do LOVE you and felt you needed to know. I mean, we talk every week.  And, because I thought that maybe hearing my story might be helpful to you. 

I easily could have said family was important to me but not lived it.  That would have led to resentment and maybe even a pity-party for myself. I should know, it’s happened in the past.  Instead, I did something about it. 

So what about you? Where are you feeling stuck? Out of alignment.  Get clear on your values and priorities and then start ACTING to see that they are aligned.  You’ve got this!