Host A Potluck

Potlucks – people love ’em and people hate them. I truly believe that they are a meaningful (and not to mention an affordable) way to power up productivity in the workplace.

We’ve been gathering around food for thousands of years! It’s a way for us to come together, get to know one another, our backgrounds, traditions, and values. When we know each other on this level, we can have more empathy and compassion. With that comes deeper relationships and THAT turns into increased creativity, better problem solving and a lot less drama. We enjoy ourselves at work and clients like us better for it!

Check out the latest video where I share some of my personal experience with potlucks and what’s I’ve learned about them over the years.

I challenge you – schedule your next potluck. Get it on the calendar! Happiness at work requires ACTION. So, go – DO the thing! I’d love to hear about your experience – so leave a comment or even email me your results.