Quit Your Job and Be Happy at Work

Should I Quit My Job? Should I Stay Or Should I Go? These are the questions I’ve been getting lately. Rather than keep my responses a secret, I’m telling you today what I’ve told the others.

It’s not always clear, sometimes going is the very best thing you should do. But, other times sticking around and really investing in where you are is better. Here’s how I sort it out with the people who call me.

First, I ask them to share what’s happening. Then we rule out illegal and/or unsafe conditions. Then, we talk about what they really want. What needs to change? From there – and this part usually creates some discomfort – we talk about what they are doing to create that ideal environment for themselves.

Often, we want other people to say/do things for us that will “make us happy”, but we don’t put in our fair share of the work that is required. You are responsible for your happiness – at work and everywhere else you go.  Before you quit, make sure you can honestly say that you have given everything you can.

Oh! And, if you have already decided that you are done – then get on with it! Take some action. If your bestie, husband, cousin and the lady at Target all know that you are quitting your job but your manager doesn’t know, you know what you need to do. That’s an entirely different conversation and may require some extra support from a friend or even a coach (like me!) so you can move into your new chapter.

You deserve to be happy! Don’t ever forget that.

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