Say No To Conforming

Work is chock full of pressure to conform. Do you cave? Or are you able to confidently follow your truth? You know what I mean, don’t you? That weird feeling when you are about to do something you wouldn’t normally do. For instance, gossiping, being dishonest, giving less than your best.

In what started off as a regular evening, I was reminded of the pressure to conform as snow started falling out of the sky. A driver tailing me had me nervous, thinking I needed put some more weight on the gas pedal. But no, not me. I wasn’t comfortable and I was going to risk my safety for them.

How does this show up at work for you? Where are you conforming? Maybe it’s the whole idea of being happy at work? I mean, it’s kind of a totally outrageous idea to some people. Isn’t it!?! Stay confident happy-doer!

Please enjoy the video!