Will A Job Title Make You Happy?

Will a job title make you happy? Short answer, no. There’s so much more to this question and it all boils down to values. Sometimes, the job titles we have/give are in alignment with core values and other times they are not.  When there is alignment, there is typically happiness.  Or at least we get closer.  When alignment is lacking, then dissatisfaction, frustration and even resentment can follow.  

While we can’t go around giving job titles on a custom basis – that would be madness – what we can do is have open, honest conversations about the titles we have and the respective alignment that exists (or doesn’t).  

Managers, leaders, owners etc etc – you need to take the initiative when you sense something is wrong.  Talk about it. Stay curious and open, you might be surprised what you learn.  Employees, the street works both ways. If you are already frustrated about the title you have, you initiate. You bring up why it matters so much to you and work to get clarity on what is most important to you. 

Happiness at work requires action, in this case, a conversation! I hope you’ve found the video helpful! 

As always, thank you for watching!