It’s time. Transform your dreams into reality. Your goals into achievements. Your thinking into results. 

Maybe you want something more out of life…but aren’t sure what it is. Or, you’ve tried to make changes in the past and were unsuccessful. Or, regardless of how hard your try, you just can’t reach that goal you’ve always dreamed of. 

You CAN get ANYTHING you seriously WANT.

All success is rooted in the mind, it begins with your thinking. The problem is, we attempt to reach success by changing our behaviors and habits. That is not enough. You must go deeper. Change your mind, change your life. 

About the Course

  • Immersive, 6 month, at-home study as you transform your thinking and therefore be a new, different and exciting result.
  • 12 individual lessons, covered bi-weekly. Each building on one another, further developing your mind and changing your life.
  • Daily video by Bob Proctor, the world’s foremost expert and teach on human potential and development.
  • Worksheet perfectly paired with each video, to cement your learning and transformation. 
  • Weekly lesson facilitation and Q&A hosted by yours truly, Heather Patterson, with others who are learning, growing and transforming like you are. 

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