From Caterpillar To Butterfly


We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.” – Maya Angelou

Isn’t this quote lovely? I find it to be a great word of encouragement, to never give up. I also find this quote to be a friendly reminder that transformation is a process, sometimes a scary one.

Consider these points about the transformation the caterpillar experiences. Disclaimer: points are not scientifically based, merely metaphoric. The caterpillar:

  • knows their potential, they aren’t made to simply be a caterpillar.
  • embraces change, they willingly encapsulate themselves in a cocoon.
  • finds that the cocoon, likely uncomfortable at first, is a safe and secure environment where they can grow their wings.
  • emerges with a new body and way in which they approach the world, they fly!

How might these points correspond with change and transformation that is happening around you?

If you are a experiencing change yourself, you may feel like you want to break out of your cocoon. Are you ready? Is it the right time? If you are leading change in your team or organization, are you creating a safe and secure environment for your people to “grow their wings”.  For the butterflies out there, are you “flying”? Are you encouraging and inspiring the caterpillars out there to find their purpose, build their cocoon and enjoy the transformation process?

No matter where you are in a period of transformation, remember, you are passing through, you are not stuck in the cocoon forever.