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Whether you are new to business, a millennial eagerly learning from today’s tech startup greats or if you are more tenured in the business arena and follow the likes of big business CEO’s,  and aren’t already keeping up with great leaders Jack Welch and Gary Vaynerchuk, here’s your directive: start now. They are all over your favorite podcasts, social media sites and reliable sources such as Harvard Business Review, Inc Magazine and Forbes.  Go. Follow. Learn.

Gary Vaynerchuk
Jack Welch

In an interview for SXSW 2015, Suzy Welch moderated a conversation where Welch and Vaynerchuk talked about leadership and business for today. There are too many gems for me to cover in this post, I’ll focus to the one relevant to my favorite subject: PEOPLE.




You can view the recorded interview here.

Caution: if you are sensitive to explicit language, Gary V is famous for dropping F-bombs and other four-letter words. Jack joins him late in the conversation.

Around 6 minutes into the conversation, Jack and Gary organically flow into their thoughts on Human Resources. Gary Vaynerchuk says

“The HR DNA of an organization has never been more valuable.”

He goes on to say that HR should be at the top and no longer an afterthought within an organization. Jack Welch seconds Gary and suggests that organizations breakup HR, remove the payroll and benefits functions and let HR “truly be people development. …Careers, life, everything.” He says, “make it (HR) about the people.”

Obviously, I could not be more pleased to hear these phenomenal leaders preaching the importance of focusing on the people. The business of Transform Consulting was built on this premise, focus on the people and the performance of the business will follow. Work will be more enjoyable and then life will be more enjoyable.

While I strongly encourage watching the video in its entirety. Here are some other key takeaways, with speaker name noted for each:

  • Self-awareness and empathy are the two skills that will get you the furthest in business. (Gary V)
  • Care a lot about what you do and be authentic. (Welch)
  • Fire people who are toxic to your culture and can’t get along with others. (Gary V)
  • Be curious, don’t kick people when they are down. (Welch)
  • There is no such thing as work-life balance. (Gary V)
  • The Generosity Gene: look for generosity and be generous yourself. (Welch)
  • LOVE to take care of your people. (Welch)
  • Tell people where they stand and tell them often. (Welch)
  • Admit your mistakes. (Welch)
  • Mentoring is bologna. Use everyone and everything as a mentor. (Welch)

If you are reading this post and nodding your head in agreement, I want to talk to you!  There isn’t a single project or task we can employ that will solve all of the challenges you are facing with your people right now. There are many options and we can start right where you are at. It doesn’t have to be complicated, but we have to start if you want to make a difference.  Contact us today!