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Interested in creating more happiness in your personal and professional life? I've got 5 simple strategies for you to adopt!

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Why Happiness Matters

The data doesn't lie. When we are happy, we are simply better humans. Better at home in our personal relationships as spouses, neighbors, friends and better in our professional lives too. Often we think, I'll be happy when. Instead, put happiness first and success will follow. Unsure where to begin? The best place to start is by having a conversation. Schedule a complimentary session with Heather today!

What Clients Are Saying

  • Each time I engage with Heather, I am impressed with the outcome. She gets to the heart of the matter, is assertive and jumps at opportunities to help us grow in our communication, relationships, and productivity. She truly does help us be happier at work. I highly recommend her for a variety of coaching, training and group facilitation services.

    Matt Lyum Founding Member, Performance Landscapes
  • I want to download her brain! Heather's expertise has been a huge asset to my business over the years. With Heather’s support, we have developed supervisors and navigated complex interpersonal issues. Heather’s recommendations are practical and balanced to consider both the business and the people. She genuinely cares for our success. We highly recommend her.

    Mariah Brown President, Da Kitchen Cafe

Hi, I'm Heather

What's a happiness coach you ask? Let me tell you! Let's be clear about this, I do not make anyone happy. Not at all. Instead, I give people strategies on increasing their personal and professional happiness and then help them in implementing those strategies. I mostly work with business owners and senior leaders, high-achieving women and up-and-comers who are mid-career. My Human Resource and Organizational Development experience is foundational to my work and I stay current by studying coaching, human development and performance. What my clients love most about me is that I've done the work. Real talk: I wasn't always this happy. But now I am and because of that, I can authentically share what I've learned. When I’m not working, you can find me spending time with my family, giving back to local charitable organizations, playing outside, consuming some personal development material…and on a great day, enjoying a piece of delicious bacon!

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