A Matter of Time

“Never get too high, never get too low.”That’s the advice I was given by a former leader back in the day.  I heard him. I knew what he meant. But the execution…well,…

Imagine The Possibilities

Imagination is a mental faculty that us humans are fortunate to have. And for those who USE their imagination, even more fortune is enjoyed. Look around, everything that has ever been created began in the mind. Literally everything. Imagination allows is us to travel away from the physical reality that our five sense pick up and create new thoughts and ideas in our mind. From there, we use our other mental faculties like reason, memory, perception and so on to bring the ideas into the physical form. Pretty awesome!

Is A New View For You?

A new perception can be used for solving problems and also, to breakthrough plateaus and reach new levels of success. As Wayne Dyer put it “when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change”.

It’s possible that there is something happening in your life or business that could benefit from a new perception.

Some Call It Luck

You’ve definitely heard it and it’s possible you’ve even thought it, for “them” or for yourself… success being a matter of luck. Here’s what I know, success is never a matter of luck. Rather, success is a matter of LAW.