Happy 2017 = Successful 2017

Happy New Year! I hope this holiday season was good to you and yours!

As we enter the New Year, many of us have resolutions or goals we aim to accomplish. Often, we set our goals to help us achieve our definition of success, whatever that may be. (Fitness, Travel, Money, Nutrition, Family, Profession etc etc) Most of us pursue these goals with the bigger picture of happiness in mind. The thought process is: “If I am/have __________, then I will be happy.” Sound familiar?

Happiness makes us more successful! Not the other way around. Check out this TedTalk from Shawn Achor, author of The Happiness Advantage to learn more about this concept. (Fast forward to 9:55 if you only have a couple of minutes)

I want you to be HAPPY in 2017! This way, you can achieve all of your goals in 2017 and maybe, just maybe I can cheer along with you. YAAAY!

Consider this, over the next 12 months you will spend nearly 260 days at work. What if you were happier in your work life? Or, if the people on your team were happier? How would that influence your goals and dreams for 2017?

Below are 10 questions for you to consider, reflecting on 2016 and preparing for a happy 2017 at work. I invite you to take time to answer these questions, really give it some thought and kick off this New Year right! And, if you’re up for it, shoot me a an email with some of your insights. I love hearing from you!


  1. What went really well for you at work in 2016?
  2. What did you do that you were proud of?
  3. Who did you make a difference for at work?
  4. What new skills have you learned professionally?
  5. How have you grown and developed personally at work?
  6. Who has helped you out at work in 2016?
  7. Who have you admired professionally?
  8. Which 5 things from your work life in 2016 would you like more of in 2017?
  9. Which 5 things from your work life in 2016 would you like less of in 2017?
  10. What will you specifically do to become happier at work in 2017?

Lastly, over the holidays, I’ve been busy creating a YouTube channel to help spread the message that happy workplaces create a happier world. I would LOVE it if you would check out the videos and follow along by subscribing. Here’s a link to the channel. Happier At Work with Heather Patterson

Wishing you a HAPPY and successful 2017!