Dealing With Workplace Stress

Work can be stressful, that’s a simple reality. So, what can you do?  I put together a special BONUS video so we could talk about practical tactics for dealing with workplace stress.. Tactics you can apply literally right at work.  And, you won’t get fired doing them. 

First – breathing.  I recommend box breathing. It’s simple and can be done from literally anywhere. Your desk, the restroom, a vacant stairwell or even your car.

Next, Journal – while free-form can work great, you might benefit more from some prompts.  Here are the prompts I share from the video:

          – I feel challenged by:

          – This matters to me because:

         – In a year from now, I’ll think:

         – I can get the best support by:

         – The lesson(s) hiding in this stress is (could be):

         – Three things I’m grateful for right now are:

Lastly, talk to someone who can help.  The order of these steps matter and the “someone who can help part” matters too. 

My hope is that you will find these tips helpful AND that you will share them with someone you know.  Together, we can help people address their stress and play an active role in making workplaces happier. 

Thank you so very much for watching, give the video a thumbs up and a share if you found it helpful.