The Most Powerful Part Of You

Visualization is daydreaming with a purpose.  - Robert Foster Bennett

When it comes to creating a life where you are happy, healthy and wealthy, one of the most overlooked tools is Visualization, or as Robert Foster Bennett put it “daydreaming with a purpose”.  I love that definition.  I don’t know about you but I recall countless times where I was asked to “focus on the facts” and told to “be realistic”.  They were just doing what they thought was best; not knowing the true power of thought, of visualization.  

You see, everything is created twice. Once in the mind and then in reality.  The phone or computer you’re reading this message on; the seat you are sitting in, the bed where you lay your head at night. Everything.  

Since that is undeniably true, doesn’t it make sense that you would think about, or visualize, what it is that you really want to create in your life?  

By now you may be thinking, “but Heather, I suck at visualizing” or “I can’t, I’ve already tried”.

Let me assure you. You don’t suck and you most certainly can.  You know how I know?  Because you already do it.  You visualize what you will make for dinner; you visualize your outfits each day.  You visualize how that meeting will go and you visualize your weekend plans.  The everyday, routine.  

You also visualize what won’t work out.  The way someone will react. The traffic that waits for you on your commute home (are you back to the office btw??).  You visualize the bills rolling in or the injury your kiddo will get when they are being risky and adventurous.  

See? You are already a master visualizer. 

Now, it’s time to use that talent for more good in your life. Whatever it may be that you want. More time, money, ease, peace, love and so on.  Instead of visualizing the everyday or the worst case, what if you had a deliberate and intentional practice of visualizing something out of the ordinary, something you deeply desire?

By implementing a visualization practice, you will activate the Universal Law of Vibration and Attraction.  Your thoughts begin to take an orderly form in your mind, giving you access to the energy, resources and other requirements to bring it into physical form. The airplane, telegraph and lightbulb were all created this way and their creators are known for giving visualization much of the credit.Without holding the image in their mind, they would not have expanded their awareness to the extend need to bring the idea to life. 

Have I convinced you yet, to adopt a purposeful visualization process?  I sure hope so!   Here are few tips to optimize your visualization practice:

1. Visualize early in the morning or late at night; when you’re in between being asleep and fully alert.
2. Create the image in your mind.  Examine each and every detail. 
3. Connect with the image as though you are there; feel the sensation. 
4. Be sure to include yourself in the visualization. 
5. Begin with holding the image for 30, 60 or even 90 seconds at a time.  Then extend from there. If your thought drifts, simply return.  Extend your time as your will to hold the image increases, similar to how you might increase the weights on a barbell or distance of a walk or run as you get stronger. 
6. Repeat daily. The constant repetition is a critical element here. Just a thought you do not expect big biceps from your first visit to the gym; you cannot reap the benefit from visualization when you are inconsistent and sporadic in practice. 

Visualization alone does not bring your dreams to life, action is also required. Stay in action, progressively moving toward your desired end result. 

My hope is that this message has encouraged you to begin or rededicate yourself to using the most powerful part of you. If there is anything I can do to support you further, feel free send your questions to me or even schedule a time to meet. It’s complimentary and would be mine pleasure. 

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